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Music Drum & Bass
Release 26/02/2016
Quality MP3,320kbps +[Flac/Lossless]
Label Signature
Type Album

13 / 1:13:31
Calibre — Latin Way (Original Mix) 5:11
Calibre, Cleveland Watkiss — Space Time (Original Mix) 5:38
Calibre — Model Way (Original Mix) 5:38
Calibre — Salsoul (Original Mix) 6:44
Calibre — Down On You (Original Mix) 5:14
Calibre — Spirit Catcher (Original Mix) 6:43
Calibre — All One Call (Original Mix) 5:56
Calibre, DJ Marky — Amen Tune (Original Mix) 5:20
Calibre — Underfire (Original Mix) 5:24
Calibre — Bottles & Airports (Original Mix) 5:31
Calibre — Justice (Original Mix) 5:35
Calibre — Hold The Light (Original Mix) 4:49
Calibre — Love Worn Soul (Original Mix) 5:48

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No other artist in the game could pull a stunt like this off: Such is his proliferation, Calibre's Shelflife series are his way of gathering ideas that he felt weren't right for single releases, or dubs that he just never got round to putting out. As with previous editions, the whole collection rolls like an album due to his consistent, spacious signature. Highlights: How about every track? You need specifics? The piano-slapping sunny-side opener "Latin Way", the big jazzy washes and lolloping rolls on "Model Way", the pushy, gritty breaks on "Spirit Catcher", the wriggling drums, stark minimalism and mid 2000s techno feel to the hook on "Underfire". We could go on and on. It's Calibre - you know what to do.

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