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Genre Jump Up, Drum & Bass
Released 22/08/2016
Quality mp3/320 kbps +[Flac/Lossless]
Label Sweet Tooth
Type Album

14 / 1:00:41
Nu Elementz — Chop Shop 4:23
Nu Elementz — Easy Peasy 4:01
Nu Elementz — Speed Of Sound 4:01
Nu Elementz — Evolution 4:01
Nu Elementz — Respect 4:23
Nu Elementz — Transmission 4:23
Nu Elementz — Pablo Escobar 4:23
Nu Elementz — Hungry Hippos 4:23
Nu Elementz x Majistrate — Never Forget feat. Jessica Luck 4:32
Nu Elementz — Glock Riddum 4:23
Nu Elementz — Simplistic 4:23
Nu Elementz — Murderah (VIP) 4:23
Nu Elementz — Vision 4:34
Nu Elementz — Frequency Album Mix 4:23

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It's kinda rare to see an artist delivering a full drum and bass album these days, but that's just how Nu Elementz like to vibe. Prophecy is a complete master blaster of an LP, with thirteen tracks of wild and diverse jump-up steppers charged and motored by devious swarms of mutant bass, reminding us of the that DJ Hazard school of thought that made the Playaz label what it is today. Tunes like "Speed Of Sound", "Evolution", and "Pablo Escobar" are the sort of gear you can break out if you're need of something nasty, something to bump sideways to amid a sea of hungry ravers. There are deeper moments, too, such as "Respect" or "Never Forget" feat. longtime drum and bass don Majistrate. No funny business, just pure rave vibes.

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