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Music Drum & Bass
Release 7/04/2014
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Type Album

13 / 1:14:58
Calibre — The Wash (Original Mix) 6:03
Calibre — Miraculous (Original Mix) 5:53
Calibre — Honey Dew (Original Mix) 5:24
Calibre — Fear Of Letting Go (Original Mix) 6:03
Calibre — Makes Me Feel Alright (Original Mix) 5:45
Calibre — Bellamee (Original Mix) 6:54
Calibre — Instant (Original Mix) 5:58
Calibre — Off Key (Original Mix) 5:55
Calibre — Sagan (Original Mix) 5:49
Calibre — Eschaton (Original Mix) 5:16
Calibre — To And Fro (Original Mix) 5:13
Calibre — Rooftops (Original Mix) 5:55
Calibre — Erode (Original Mix) 4:50



Drum & bass's most unique gentleman Calibre plunders his vaults to compile a new collection of unreleased gems through the ages. As you'd expect, the end result is a timeless assault of lush grooves, soulful sonics and sweet skippy riddims. From the soft jazz insistency of "Honey Dew" to the hollowed harrowed bass tones of "Bellamee" via the harder, rave-referencing "Sagan" and the deep bass gurgles and DRS's reggae-style vocals on "Eschaton", the only issue here is the fact Calibre hasn't released them sooner. Unarguably incredible.

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