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Download DR S Gachet, Bladerunner & Heist - Remember The Roller Remixes (AMR001) mp3

Style: Drum and Bass, Jungle
Release date: 19.12.2016
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Audiomaze
Nr: AMR001

21 year salute: "Remember The Roller" is a seminal slice of music history that really captured the transition from jungle to drum & bass. An iconic tune commands strongarm remixes - which is exactly what the good Doctor has ordered.... Bladerunner does what he does best - smashed it to pieces while maintaining every single magic elements of the original. Heist, meanwhile, brings in more of a sub bass focus as the low end bellows like a hurricane under a sharper series of breaks. The utmost respect paid, you won't forget these in a hurry.

1. DR S Gachet - Remember The Roller (6:50)
2. DR S Gachet - Remember The Roller (Bladerunner Remix) (6:06)
3. DR S Gachet - Remember The Roller (Bladerunner Edit) (5:21)
4. DR S Gachet - Remember The Roller (Heist Remix) (6:05)

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