Download Alix Perez - Ghosts 2016 (EP)

Alix Perez - Ghosts 2016 (EP)

Style: Trap, Future Bass
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Release date: 30/09/2016
Label: 1985 Music
Catalog: ONEF002

Alix Perez — Ghosts 4:08
Alix Perez — Hack & Slash 3:57
Alix Perez/Taso — Andromeda 3:54
Alix Perez — Tempest 3:29
Alix Perez — Crush 3:52


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We love the way Alix Perez has branched out in recent years. While we used to associate him to the minimal d&b wave that spawned in the late 00s, he's begun to venture onto into more diverse territories, as of late. He's up on his own 1985 Music here, and "Ghosts" is exactly the sort of glitchy, pseudo hip hop sketch that we now expect from the guy, but the real heat comes from "Hack & Slash", a total hybrid tune that goes from juke to dubstep, and back to something we're not really sure how to label. But, this is exactly how experimentation works and how new genres are created, something which is also very audible from his collaboration tune with Taso, "'Andromeda". "Tempest" is perhaps the weirdest and most daring of the lot, and the tune where Perez's d&b roots really come out, whereas "Crush" is a swinging, London bullet rhythm, for the heads. All in all, a much recommended affair.

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