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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Glitch Hop » Shwamp - Emergence Unfolding (EP) 2017

Styles IDM, PsyDub, PsyChill, PsyGlitch, PsyBass, Ambient/Downtempo
Release date 13/10/2017
Format mp3
Quality 320kbps
Label Mindspring Music

Shwamp - Morning Eel
Shwamp - Nanogroove For Little Beings
Shwamp - Nostromo 2.0
Shwamp - Glitch Adventure
Shwamp - Stomp Through The Ages
Shwamp - Introvert
Shwamp - Emotional Rebirth
Shwamp - The Take Off

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Emerging from the deep and bassy realms of downtempo neo-electronica, auditory artist Shwamp has created a gooey, psychedelic universe for adventurous audiophiles to explore. This "Emergence" is an interesting collection of soothing synths, addictive percussion, and incredibly satisfying groove. Consisting of eight atmospheric tracks spanning across a 45-minute time frame, an enchanting domain of deeply textured orchestration awaits curious minds to take a dive. Months of dedicated precision have resulted in a bubbling, mossy world filled with dark green vines, ancient woodlands, and mystical marshes; it gives birth to another dimension through sound. Progressive and hypnotic, this captivating psydub release is a brilliant journey for the soul.

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