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genre Midtempo, Glitch Hop, Funky Glitch
released 5/06/2020
quality mp3/320kbps
label Independent

The Lions — Think (WBBL Remix) 04:41
Frankie Valli — Grease (WBBL Remix) 03:18
Kinga Glyk — Joy Joy (WBBL Remix) 04:12


HEY! I hope this finds you well. Been a while since i put out any funky midtempo biznuts so here's a little free EP for you. Classic wobz style.
And today is another Bandcamp waiving their fees day, so it's a free download but if you can spare some change to keep lil wobz going that would be super swell. Lockdown seems to be lifting but doesnt look like there will be any gigs anytime soon, maybe not even this year, so your donations mean SO much to me. The reaction to the last few things I put out have been incredible and you're all amazing.
If you can't spare change, just download it for free, share it, like it, throw it in a bin, cover it in pasta sauce, take it on a date, kick it through a greenhouse... do what you want with it; it's yours! I LOVE YOU and i hope you enjoy this EP.

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