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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Grime » Dj Big Mikee - Armageddon (LP) 2017

Styles Grime
Release date 20-11-2017
Format mp3
Quality 320 kbps
Label Dark Elements

Big Mikee & R.A.M - Talk About Me
Dj Big Mikee & Sox - Mandem Shell
Dj Big Mikee & Fiasqo - Ski Mask
Dj Big Mikee & Devilman - Melodies
John Brown - Grown Man S*** (Prod. by Filthy Gears) - Dj Big Mikee Remix
Tazzle - Brain Freeze V.I.P Freestyle (Prod. by Dubzta) - Dj Big Mikee Remix
Dj Big Mikee & Deadly - Tell Me Something I Dont Know
Dj Big Mikee & Mr Traumatik - Live Your Dreams
Hitman & GrimSickers - Shutdown Kings (Prod. by Dubzta) - Dj Big Mikee Remix
Dj Big Mikee, Genos, Tony Touch & Breeza - Are You Listening
Dj Big Mikee & Styler - Style Upon Style
Dj Big Mikee, Hazman & Vader - Feeling Lost
Dj Big Mikee & Savz - Hoodz
Dj Big Mikee, Rampz, Tips & Hoodz - Tired Of The Nonsense
Dj Big Mikee, FLAWZZ & Tantskii - Im Not A Mug
Dj Big Mikee & Vader - Never Will I Be Controlled
Dj Big Mikee, Hitman & UNCLE DREAMER - This One

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Like wine there are some years that are just great for music… 2017 is one of them…. next to drop is DJ BIG MIKEEs’ album Armageddon out now November 20th on Dark Elements.

Armageddon is an impeccably crafted, hard hitting piece of art. The fruit of hard work, dedication & skill, and the vocalists featured on it are a testimony to the high regard that Mikee is held in the scene. It features an exquisite selection of accomplished & heavyweight vocalists such as Vader, Deadly, Devilman, Sox, Hitman, Mr Traumatic, Flawzz & Tantskii, Uncle Dreamer, Grimsickers, Hazman, Fiasqo, R.A.M, John Brown, Tazzle, Full Force, Genos, Tony Touch, Breeza, Styler, SAVS, Rampz N Tips ft Hoodz. Each track has its own character & flavour to be savoured and to add to the pot Mikees thrown in some dutty remixes of producers Dubzta ( Wales) & Filthy Gears (Rugby) .

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