Download VA - GRIME360 (LP) 2017

Style: Grime
Release date: 28/12/2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Colosseum.TV

Winners of Colosseum.TV UK Grime Competition - Eight Bar Rally
TrajBrown - Dark Knight Rises
Snoopa - Spesh
Big Reky - Aftermath feat. Bang GK and Drapez
Arkay - Jiren
Luciferian - Tibetan Book of the Dead
Haughton - Specialist
GRiM Barsman - One Wrong Move
Shaga - Prince of Rhymes
Deep Alliance - Sarcasm
Miz - From the Bottom
DirtyDoggz - We Don't Wanna
Tricksta - They Don't Know
NinjaTea - Ackee & Saltfish Sushi
Bang GK - When I Touch Mic feat. Big Reky
Dog Squad - Dizzy Blood
jabZ - Shell Down

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