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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Grime » Proc Fiskal - Lothian Buses (HDB132D)

Download Proc Fiskal - Lothian Buses (HDB132D) mp3

Style: Bass, Grime
Release: 36/3/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: Hyperdub
Cat# HDB132D

Review: With three releases now to his name Proc Fiskal turns heads more than many may think thanks to the stature of the labels releasing his music. Making his return to Hyperdub with a wholly unique, synthy and melodic sound, Lothian Buses follows up The Highland Mob (2017) and Shleekit Doss (2019) EPs not to mention the Hello Boss record for Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge and his Insula LP. Excited to have him back on the scene, Lothian Buses, a tongue in cheek reference to the largest municipal bus company in the United Kingdom, sees Proc Fiskal send in another load of unusual melodies, twinkling synth effects and caffeinated grime sounds with touches of dancehall, experimental-electronica and much much more.

tracks 6 / 22:30
Proc Fiskal - Thurs Jung Yout 3:42
Proc Fiskal - Baguettes 4:46
Proc Fiskal - Choco Frito (Calamari) 3:19
Proc Fiskal - Scarab Aloph 2:50
Proc Fiskal - HopeTak2 3:19
Proc Fiskal - Mullit Madollock 4:36


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