Download VA - Frenchcore Compilation, Pt. 02

VA - Frenchcore Compilation, Pt. 02

Style: Gabba, Hardcore, Frenchcore
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Date: 30/11/2017
Label: Megarave Records
Cat: FRCOMP002

Hardcore-heads can amp up and energise just in time for the weekend with the brand-new Frenchcore Compilation. The compilation includes tracks from: Hungry Beats, Sprinky, Hyrule War, Angernoizer, Dr. Peacock and many more. Make sure you get this masterpiece on your playlist.

20 / 1:34:36
Crypton, Dr. Peacock - Limitless (Original Mix) 3:22
Hungry Beats - Survive (Original Mix) 4:20
Psiko - Obstinate (Original Mix) 6:01
Dark Bayron - Just Hold Me (Original Mix) 5:00
Mabrook, D-Frek - Wicked Sick (Original Mix) 4:41
Marcus Decks, Angernoizer - Destructo Disk (Original Mix) 4:25
The Sickest Squad, Dr. Peacock, Da Mouth Of Madness - Frenchcore Family (VLF Anthem) 4:15
Hyrule War - Rule The Nation (Original Mix) 4:35
Sprinky - Still Waiting (Original Mix) 5:16
The Butcher, Hungrybeats - Chucky (Original Mix) 5:20
Dr. Peacock, Repix - Endless (Original Mix) 5:47
Vertex - Protectors (Original Mix) 4:36
The Whistlers - Eh (Original Mix) 3:08
Pattern J - NDE (Original Mix) 5:01
D-Frek - Get It Started (Original Mix) 4:38
Dr. Peacock, Repix, Para Italia - Vive La Frenchcore Anthem 2015 (Original Mix) 5:43
Rotterdam Terror Corps - Time To Kill Another One (Hungry Beats Remix) 5:07
Hyrule War - Terrorist Schemes (Original Mix) 4:05
Dr. Peacock, Remzcore - Frenchcore Revolution (Hungry Beats Remix) 4:44
Hungry Beats - Berserker (Original Mix) 4:44

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