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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Trap » STUDIO RAT - Accidental Listener (LP) 2017

Styles Trap, Bass
Release date 10/11/2017
Format mp3
Quality 320kbps
Label Symphonic Distribution

1. Forrest Gump – You Have To Do The Best With What God Gave You 00:32
2. Matrix – Guns Lots Of Guns 02:29
3. Things To Come – If We Don’t End War, War Will End Us 02:37
4. The Great Dictator – We All Want To Help One Another. Human Beings Are Like That 02:26
5. A Clockwork Orange – Public Opinion Has A Way Of Changing 00:46
6. The Sword In The Stone – All Right, Mr. Know-It-All! He’s Your Pupil! 03:07
7. Network – Television Is Not The Truth Television Is A Goddamned Amusement Park 02:44
8. Roman Holidays – You Should Always Wear My Clothes 02:46
9. Blade Runner – All Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time Like Tears In Rain 03:47
10. Gone With The Wind – After All, Tomorrow Is Another Day! 02:12
11. Pirates Of Silicon Valley – Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal 04:19
12. Eyes Wide Shut – No Dream Is Ever Just A Dream 04:10
13. Space Odyssey 2001 – It Can Only Be Attributable To Human Error 03:48
14. Class Of 1999 – I Operate From A Model Of Absolute Zero Tolerance 04:03
15. Valmont – We Will Only Write This Time, Won’t We? 03:28

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