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Download Trap In The Wild Jungle (Exclusive Pack) (EP) 2017

Styles Bass, Trap
Release date 30-10-2017
Format mp3
Quality 320 kbps
Label Gold Compilations Label

Behr Squad - Candle Wax (Original Mix)
Behr Squad - Glock (Original Mix)
Behr Squad - Jump (Original Mix)
Krillaz - Claw (Original Mix)
Legbore - Wassup (Original Mix)
Mat Frankland - Dirty Dose (Original Mix)
Medalis - Gansta Roulette (Original Mix)
Recvst - Homework (Original Mix)
Rvncord - Africana (Original Mix)
The Provence - Bad Geat (Original Mix)
The Provence - Bounce Working (Original Mix)
Veenrok - Hand Up (Original Mix)

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