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Style: Downtempo, Bass, Trap
Date: 17/07/2020
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: State of Joy
Cat# JOY008

'Seeds' is a new 6-track EP packed full of his trademark innovation and melodic beats from stalwart Bristol-based producer Guido. Opening track 'Inatrance' is a slow and steady orchestral/electronic hybrid where choirs and synths share the same space. Next follows the lead track 'Seeds', an upbeat pop anthem full of feel good summer vibes. Tracks three and four, 'Here We Go' & 'Swing', are throwbacks to the 140 BPM era, that will delight those fans of Guido who enjoy tuneful melodies with a brash, exhilarating sound. Next up is 'Midnight Fairground', a standout track in its own right, which has a dreamy, trippy-like quality that (as its title suggests) captures a sense of wandering around a fantasy fairground in the dead of night. Last up, 'Heavenly' rounds off the EP in soothing and ethereal style with 808 kick drums complimented by a string harp-like melody.
Commenting on his new release, Guido says: "With these tracks, I wanted to keep faith with my musical roots while at the same time push myself in a few new musical directions. I hope everybody will enjoy the results."

• Guido - Inatrance 3:10
• Guido - Seeds 3:15
• Guido - Here We Go 3:57
• Guido - Swing 3:41
• Guido - Midnight Funfair 3:15
• Guido - Heavenly 3:47
6 / 21:04

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