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Download Ivy Lab - NOVV / NASDAQ [2020LDN036] mp3

Style: Trap
Release: 30/4/2021
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Label: 20/20 LDN Recordings
Cat# 2020LDN036

Review: Maintaining their place as a leading force in experimentally laced club and drum & bass music, Ivy Lab continue their run of form with another mind expanding double-drop. Delivering something both up-and-downbeat across each track here, "Nasdaq" goes large with its vamped synths, pulsations of dub and stuttered rhythms adding to a groove pushed along by walls of distortion, gushing white noise and a sidewinding melody. "Novy" on the other hand opts for cinematic drone and thumping two step bass that thins out into something percussive, industrial and ultimately epic. With lost R&B vocals to boot, this is huge.

A month on from the release of their ‘Suzuki’ / ‘Paradise Pistol’ single in March, London-based Gove and Jay (aka Sabre & Stray) are once again exploring some of bass music’s untrodden paths with their latest hybrid-drill offering.
‘NOVV’ is part lofi beats track, part overdriven fairytale. Ghostly folk leanings increasingly expand, eventually giving way to a celestial, all-enveloping extended outro. The instrumental drill experimentation found in their recently released track ‘Suzuki’ re-emerges in ‘NASDAQ’- this time shifting its rust-belt timbre from Detroit to Chicago as one-chord stabs, Gospel vocal cuts and spacious percussion meekly assert their mood. A midway turning point sees that patient march yield to sweeping arps and lavish textures, transforming the skeletal beat into a fuller-figured polyphony.
“There’s a real restlessness to our output at the moment, we’re unshackled and applying ourselves to experimentation much more than ever” ~ Ivy Lab

Сегодня Ivy Lab выпустили второй сингл из новой бесплатной серии релизов. Ребята продолжают свои хафтайм-эксперименты в диапазоне от 65 до 70 ударов в минуту, смешивая разные стили и звучания. В этот раз релиз состоит из около-трэпового бэнгера "NOVV", сказочные и атмосферные мелодии которого ближе к концу уступают место всепоглощающему, тянущему в бездну синтезаторному дрону, а также довольно интересной композиции под названием "NASDAQ", в которой прекрасно сочетаются дрилл-ритмы, чикагские стэбы, космические арпеджио и изредка прорезающиеся вокальные семплы.

Ivy Lab — NOVV 4:19
Ivy Lab — NASDAQ 3:18


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