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Style: Breaks / UK Garage / BassHouse
Release date: 02/03/2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Hot Cakes Bass

For a banger that apparently doesn't smoke, Deekline's seminal "I Don't Smoke" has certainly been smouldering. At any point in the last 19 years, you can drop any version of this UK bass classic and expect it to cause riots in the dance. And now there's a whole new slew of refixes to cause chaos with: Vital Techniques' switchy, twitchy breakbeat flex, Deadbeats jaw-dropping bassline whip-up, DJ Spookz warped slug sesh, Lucent's fluttering beat tipped-out bashment roller, Fish's wonked-out technoid bassline twist and Majora's stripped back UK funky deep house hybrid. All exemplary updates on classic that's still sparking things up to this day. Do you smoke Paul? Yes, I most certainly do!

1. Deekline — I Don't Smoke (Vital Techniques remix) (05:23)
2. Deekline — I Don't Smoke (Deadbeat remix) (03:56)
3. Deekline — I Don't Smoke (DJ Spookz remix) (03:50)
4. Deekline — I Don't Smoke (Lucent remix) (03:33)
5. Deekline — I Don't Smoke (Fish remix) (03:41)
6. Deekline — I Don't Smoke (Majora remix) (05:45)

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