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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Drum and Bass » Mentah - Space, Time & Matter 2018 LP (Album)

Style: Jump Up / Drum and Bass
Release date: 08/03/2018
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Sub-Liminal

After a string of slamming EPs, Sub-Liminal mainstay Mentah delivers his debut album and it's a powerful piece of work. Punchy and concise at nine tracks, the focus is fully on the floor and hyper-charged with an on-point modern jump-up hybrid sound. The type of cuts you can imagine Randall playing at Breaking Science, 4am, the basslines wobble, the textures drone ominously, the riffs never get too OTT and they all seriously hurt! Highlights include the Benny L style swampy bass on "No Disrespect", the nan-slapping foghorn heaviness of "Alone In The Light" and stinking distorted tripletty finale "Grudges" but that just not even half of this universally heavy tale. Big up Mentah.

1. Mentah - Time, Space & Matter [04:34]
2. Mentah - Just Begun [04:45]
3. Mentah - No Disrespect [04:34]
4. Mentah - The Less You Know, The Better [04:56]
5. Mentah - Hunting Season [04:40]
6. Mentah - Alone In The Light [04:28]
7. Mentah - Into The Glass [04:35]
8. Mentah - Grudges [05:18]

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