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Get bass music FRESH BASS RELEASES » Drum and Bass » Monaco Gza & Rowpieces - The Ninetees Productions Vol. 1 [LP] 2019

Monaco Gza & Rowpieces - The Ninetees Productions Vol. 1 [LP] 2019

Style Drum & Bass / Liquid funk
Released 19/08/2019
Quality 320kbps|MP3
Label Rowtown
Nr ROW007LP1

1. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Summer Comeback (09:37)
2. Rowpieces — Rush Hour At Mars (10:25)
3. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Brainfeeder (06:21)
4. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Expand Your Mind (08:41)
5. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Mish Wash Wish Flash (11:26)
6. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Sweet Pussy Cat (05:16)
7. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Masters Of Desaster (04:47)
8. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Where I Come From (04:29)
9. Rowpieces – Jazzy Romance (07:55)
10. Monaco Gza, Rowpieces — Danger Zone (06:36)


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In the mid 90s the two clubbers, music lovers and friends Rowpieces and Monaco GZA joined forces to build up a music studio and produced under the funny name "tinnitusXperiment" mainly atmospheric Drum & Bass but also House, Downtempo and Hip Hop. The Ninetees Productions Vol. 1 & 2 have already been released on our sister label Soul Bros. Records a few years ago but we've been through the archive again and found unreleased recordings which have found their place on Vol. 3. All tunes have been completely remastered and are technically up to date. Even if this music is a good 20 years old, there is no question that it is timeless and not only for lovers of the typical 90s old school sound a treat for the ears might be. For fans of the music of Rowpieces this series is also an interesting time document showing how everything started and where his roots lie.

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