Style: Drum and Bass, Liquid funk
Release date: 16-01-2017
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 212 Mb
Label: Soul Deep Exclusives

01. Basic Forces - Music Is The Key of Life (Original Mix) (feat. Shyrren 5)
02. A.K.A - Be With You (Original Mix)
03. Shyrren 5 - Kiss Unique (Original Mix) (feat. Mr. Porter)
04. iNNASELF - Shooting Stars (Original Mix)
05. Scott Allen - Evermore (Original Mix) (feat. Frank H Carter III)
06. Philth - I’m Yours (Original Mix)
07. Move Mode - So Long (See The Sun) (Original Mix)
08. Basic Forces - No More (Marcus Tee remix) (feat. Natalie Page)
09. Basic Forces - Open Your Eyes (Abstract Illusion remix)
10. Payback - Mind, Body N Soul (Original Mix)
11. Monument Banks - You Make Me (Original Mix)
12. Melinki - Don’t Want To Hurt You (Original Mix)
13. Basic Forces - Space Within (Basic Forces & Ha-Zb VIP)
14. Wyman - Visions (Original Mix)
15. Subdivision - Don’t You Care (Original Mix)
16. ALB - Let It Move Ya (Original Mix)

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Test Press flexing, all-round deep soul man Basic Forces recruits a bench-press rollcall for his debut album. feat. the likes of Philth, Soul Deep bosser Scott Allen, Marcus Tee, Monument Banks, the iconic vocalist Frank H Carter and many more, it's an all-star collabo fest where the focus is squared firmly on the groove. From the cosmic depths and velvet pads of "Evermore" to the gospel jazz vocal harmonies of "Mind, Body & Soul" and the elephantine sub-struck roller "Don't Want To Hurt You", not only is there some real magic weaved into each collaboration but slick consistency, too. A sublime snapshot of where Basic Forces, Soul Deep and all artists involved in this compendium are at right now.

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