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Download Lindsey Stirling — Shatter Me (2014) [LP] (Album)

Release date: 19-06-2015
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Style: instrumental + dubstep + vocal dubstep
Label: Lindseystomp

Shatter Me is the second studio album by violinist and solo artist Lindsey Stirling. It is Stirling's first album to include collaborations with other vocalists, feat. Lzzy Hale and Dia Frampton, and Stirling has said its musical style is more progressive than her first album. The album is set to be released on 29 April in the US while in Germany it will be in stores on 2 May. The first single, "Beyond the Veil" was released on 24 March and has so far peaked at number 22 on Billboard Dance and Electronic Digital Songs. The video was posted a day later. During the pre-sale the album peaked at number one on the US iTunes electronic charts!!!

01. Lindsey Stirling - Beyond the Veil
02. Lindsey Stirling - Mirror Haus
03. Lindsey Stirling - V-Pop
04. Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me feat. Lzzy Hale
05. Lindsey Stirling - Heist
06. Lindsey Stirling - Roundtable Rival
07. Lindsey Stirling - Night Vision
08. Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight
09. Lindsey Stirling - Ascendance
10. Lindsey Stirling - We Are Giants feat. Dia Frampton
11. Lindsey Stirling - Swag
12. Lindsey Stirling - Master of Tides
13. Lindsey Stirling - Eclipse (Target Exclusive)
14. Lindsey Stirling - Sun Skip (Target Exclusive)
15. Lindsey Stirling - Take Flight (Orchestral Version) (Target Exclusive)


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