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TVBOO - Something 4 Ur Mind EP

Style Trap / Dubstep
Released 13/10/2020
Quality MP3 320 kbps
Label Wakaan
Nr# WAK120

⦁ TVBOO — Something 4 Ur Mind 3:17
⦁ TVBOO — Bust 4:05
⦁ TVBOO — Warhead 4:10
⦁ TVBOO — Listen 5:01


“I always have tried to express and transfer my high energetic self into my music. After years of trial and error, I finally feel like I’ve really found a sound that is unique to me. With this ep, I feel like someone could close their eyes, hear the tracks, and know its TVBOO. And that a point I’ve always wanted to get to. This ep is a that journey of me finding myself musically. Also these tracks slap harder than my ex step mom.” - TVBOO

Emerging from Jackson, Mississippi with a personality larger than an eighteen wheeler dump truck, comes TVBOO, pronounced “taboo.” Mitch Draper, known as TVBOO, is quickly becoming one of the rising stars in the bass scene. His ability to weave distorted sounds through incredibly unique basslines, accompanied by infamous vocal samples, are just a few of the elements that make TVBOO, TVBOO. His shows are curated with high energy sets that are guaranteed to have the crowd moving on their feet from start to finish.
His growing success is undeniable, as seen from his co-headlining tour with DMVU, the “Eat My Sass” Tour. Accompanied by the success of his releases “Wook Worm,” “Skrawberries,” “Got Dat” and “Eat My Sass,” and his collaboration resume with some of the biggest artists in the bass scene, TVBOO will continue to make Category 5 hurricane surge sized waves in the bass music world.

If you only follow TVBOO for his growing discography, you are depriving yourself of understanding the complete TVBOO experience. Like a shot of the strongest espresso you can find, Mitch’s podcast, “TVLKS with TVBOO,” is a straight punch of hilarity, chaos, mild takes and entertaining guests all strung together with his outspoken southern personality. Season 1 featured high-caliber guests such as Kai Wachi, Dirt Monkey, Boogie T, and more. Season 2 of “TVLKS with TVBOO” just kicked off, full of more outrageous episodes from the bass comedian. If podcasts aren’t your thing, TVBOO also has a video series titled “TVBOO TVLKS,” where you can expect the same amount of sixpack inducing laughs and ridiculousness.
TVBOO’s rising popularity as an electronic music producer and comedy career melt together to show that he can really do it all. His “don’t take life so seriously” attitude layered with his incredible sense of humor will no doubt keep opening all the doors of success in his path.

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