Download Gerra & Stone - Too Deep EP

Gerra & Stone - Too Deep EP

Style: Drum 'n Bass
Quality: MP3 320 kbps | WAV Lossless
Date: 06/10/2014
Label: Dispatch Recordings
Cat: DIS084

- Too Deep
- Lockdown
- Long Game
- Bus 54

Gerra & Stone return to Dispatch to join the main label, kicking things up a notch with their “Too Deep EP”. Following the success of their LTD debut “Backhand / Tenfold”, the Southampton based duo continue to raise the bar. Their first Dispatch EP features four concrete rollers; each tightly programmed, each packing a punch at the lower frequencies, injecting instant stamina into any discerning crowd. Title track “Too Deep” swoops down with deadly fervor and venomous low ends that twist and mature throughout, whilst “Long Game” strikes with ferocity and through to the rib cage. Mid-range growls resemble heated alien discourse, as the bass grooving subtly throughout. Keeping the beats moody and no-nonsense, bongos lightly patter over “Lockdown” and sweet vocal washes argue with jeering and fermenting bass sounds. “Bus 54” strips to more abstract surface noises initially, but possesses a lethal edge that we have come to expect from Gerra & Stone.

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