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Music Deep-Dubstep
Release 3/04/2020
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Off-Switch Audio
Nr OSD002
Type Album

1. Nuboid — Nomad 2:56
2. Nuboid — Authority 5:10
3. Nuboid — Relic 4:08
4. Nuboid — Imperial 4:36
5. Nuboid — Sand 0:47
6. Nuboid — Shuji 4:55
7. Nuboid — Garden 0:41
8. Nuboid — Shizen 3:51
9. Nuboid — Facade 4:15
10. Nuboid — Wasureru 4:06
11. Nuboid — Flash 5:03


When it comes to long-form dubstep projects, it is often easy to get bogged down, with a lot of producers wanting to write the same track over and over again 12 times. Off-Switch Audio however have provided us with a very special project indeed as they welcome Nuboid's outstanding 'Nomad' LP. From the intense soundscapes of 'Authority', and sweeping eastern flute melodies of 'Shuji', to the grimey reese lines of 'Relic', this project showcases an incredible level of versatility from start to finish. Our highlights from this one have to include the pleasing reversed-string melodies and smooth drum work of 'Shizen', alongside the plucky arpeggios and unpredictable rhythmic switch ups of 'Flash'. We would highly recommend listening through this one on long play!

2020 is looking like a very exciting year for us at Off-Switch Audio, as we continue our journey through the depths and distant realms of 140BPM based bass music. We have therefore decided to kick off the year with a serious bang as we unveil the debut album from Nuboid, a dubstep and grime producer with a truly unique and traditionally eastern inspired that sound really needs no introduction. Over the last year or so, we have seen amass incredible support from 140 heavyweights such as Spooky, Sicaria Sound & Jackdat.

When it comes to album’s based around 140BPM, we find the most important combination of attributes for the project to possess is cohesion with expansion, a recognizable sound that remains outside a pigeon-hole, and boy, does Nuboid deliver. We begin our exploration with the delicate Asian string harmonies of the title track ‘Nomad’ a stunning opening composition, before subtle bitcrushed bass tones arrive on ‘Authority’ to accompany those expertly orchestrated plucks. Next, ‘Relic’ applies some icey synth energy before ‘Imperial’ combines trap-style drums with more augmented string-work, leading into the thought-provoking ‘Sand’ skit.

We then keep it moving with the slower tempos and 808 rolls of ‘Shuji’, followed by more lo-fi sample work in the second skit ‘Garden’ and some ethereal harmonic structure in ‘Shizen’. We then move into the final stretch as those quirky strings are again deployed alongside subtle drum patterns in ‘Facade’, chased up the bubbling atmospheric pressure of ‘Wasureru’ and finally ‘Flash’, which uses high energy melodic arpeggios and sharp percussive stutters to round everything off in style!

For us, this is a top notch body of work and is exactly the kind of sound we are so proud to be representing.

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