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Style Deep-Dubstep
Quality mp3:320 kbps +[FLAC/Lossless]
Date 8/06/2020
Label Foundation Audio
Cat FA046

Now this most certainly is something special as Chad Dubz touches down in his home imprint of Foundation Audio for an extended LP, complete with skits and all. It's seemingly quite a rare occurrence to take in a fully planned out dubstep album and boy has Chad hit the nail on the head with this one, from the smooth LFO manoeuvres of 'Get Loose' and bubbly melodies of 'XOXO' to the more experimental drum structures and unpredictability of 'Tidal Waved', the project gives an excellent showcasing of dubstep music as a whole! We would have to recommend also taking in the sumptuous bass processing and glittering high end of 'Sorrow' alongside the swampy bass drives of 'Blocked Drain'!

1. Chad Dubz - Jazz (Skit) 2:02
2. Chad Dubz - Get Loose 3:40
3. Chad Dubz - Pirate Radio 3:46
4. Chad Dubz - Blocked Drain 4:40
5. Chad Dubz - Get Out (VIP) 4:37
6. Chad Dubz - Mount Weed (Skit) 0:36
7. Chad Dubz - Tidal Waved 3:47
8. Chad Dubz - XOXO 4:35
9. Chad Dubz - The Love Above 2:28
10. Sorrow - Trapped 2:45
11. Chad Dubz - Sorrow 4:23

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