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Music Drum & Bass, Jungle
Release 21/12/2016
Quality MP3,320kbps
Label Omni Music UK
Nr OMNI047
Type Album

10 / 1:04:20
Eschaton — Kensho (AP Organism New Gates of Change Remix) 8:58
Eschaton — Gnosis (Flow Steremov Remix) 6:47
Eschaton — Doors of Perception (Original Mix) 5:32
Eschaton — Oaxaca (The Drumkilla Remix) 6:26
Eschaton — A Perfect Sunset (Brijawi Remix) 6:52
Eschaton — Kami (Original Mix) 5:09
Eschaton — Gnosis ( Remix) 7:59
Eschaton — Land of Eternal Sunshine (Original Mix) 6:03
Eschaton — Animism (Jamie Simmonds Remix) 4:26
Eschaton — A Perfect Sunset (Rainforest Rewire) 6:07


Omni Music presents the sounds of another universe, a new plethora of sounds from infinite possibilities. Featuring a selection of remixes from Escharton's Icaros LP, the remixers flip the sounds on their head and create something really special, along with a few unreleased gems from Eschaton. With a range of styles to suit almost anyone, this is an LP that belongs in everyone's universe.

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